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About "Fade In Silence"

What a beautiful song. The piano play was superb. The melody was dramatic yet beautiful and warm. I would love to hear more from this artist.

I thought that this was a fantastic piece. It's amazing how much emotion can be conveyed without words, but I really felt it. Well done.

This is an incredibly interesting and thoughtful piano arrangement. It's passionate and emotional. It conjures many feelings of many different things and it does it well.

This song is beautiful. Piano is played marvelously. I could see this being used for a movie or tv program. I also think it could be played at a wedding. Title of the song is spot on! Great!

This song is well structured and very elegant. I like the softness of the piano performed in this song and I like the slower tempo of the instrumentals because it makes the song feel intimate and close.

I like the soft melodie of this song I was relaxed so much that I forgot I was listening to it for a minute to be completely honest and anything that allows me to forget about the stresses of life is great in my book

About "She's the Symphony"

This was a great song. It was so relaxing. Almost as if you could just lay in your him I can listen to it on a Sunday Breezy afternoon enjoying a cup of hot cider and the fall weather. It's just a great song to be able to spend time with family too. It would be a great addition to any television show on the TV.

The song, "She's the symphony" by the artist, Danielpix, is a wonderful classical instrumental performance by an amazing pianist and I must say this is one of the best songs I ever came across on Audiokite, I shall bookmark this performer's page so I may listen to more of his/her songs!

I loved the sweeping sound of this instrumental. It was beautifully composed and inspired an emotional response, which is a hallmark of a great song. I think the musicians performed amazingly.

Great song I thought. The proformance and instrumation were top notch. This could be a good song for a movie soundtrack or tv soundtrack. I would look this artist up for more songs.

Wow what a beautiful piano melody. Ended up listening to the entire song and turned it up. Fantastic beat, the pace is perfect and the piano is some of the best I have heard on here

This is one of those rare occurrence where i'd buy the physical CD (entire album) to listen to collectively and at once. I like the music of the song. I like the melody!

I liked this song from the first notes onward. It combines excellent keyboard work and strong instrumental styling with great percussion to deliver the lyrical story line with verve.