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Danielpix was born in 1981 in the South Italy. He started to study piano at the age of 9 until age 11; he preferred playing piano by his musical ear than with a teacher. Since he was 14 he started to compose music and through years he fell in love with the cinematic music.

His music is influenced by two quite different musicians : Ludovico Einaudi & Tuomas Holopainen. "An orchestra is comparable to that tangle of emotions and feelings of which it is composed the human soul."

The Danielpix project was born in 2014. The project comes to life to externalize emotions, thoughts and fears through music. The idea is based on the concept that music must be dictated by emotions: not sought, not artificial but felt inside at that precise moment. At the end of 2017 he published the first independent album "Symphony". In 2019 is available "Rhapsody in Dark, a dreamlike symphonic journey surrounded by rock

Improvisation is one of his feature...